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About us

Our mission

The ship maintenance industry is lagging behind. As former mechanics and shipping professionals, we saw teams dragged down by broken communication and manual work - all of which was getting in the way of actual ship maintenance. This is why Maindeck was established: to make technology so intuitive and impactful that people in ship maintenance want to use it. The first modern software of its kind for our industry.

We've brought technology and ideas from other industries to automate the tedious tasks and free up teams to collaborate from anywhere. And there is no such thing as "good enough". We only build things to last.

Our team

Our team is assembled from different facets of the tech and maritime sectors to provide the best and most modern solutions to Technical Superintendents and Fleet Managers.
Sasan Mameghani
Co-founder & CEO
Martin Ulleberg
Co-founder & CTO
Oleg Kupriianov
Software Developer
Vladyslav Vereta
Software Developer
Johan Jøsok
We are proud to be backed by the best investors and institutions.