When cost savings become more important than safety.

Introducing: Certificates as a Service

Sasan Mameghani
Co-founder & CEO
We are very proud to announce our latest module, Certificate as a Service! Are you tired of keeping track of all certificates, and making sure you comply with each and every one of them? Well, by subscribing to our CaaS offering, all your problems dissapear for only USD 9.99/month, regardless of fleet size.

"This is going to revolutionise shipping! Security is important, but saving costs is also important, and I believe our CaaS offering strikes the right balance in achieving this." says a Maindeck representative who wants to be anonymous.
More than 50 certificates
Unlimited support
Only 9.99/month
Maindeck will be able to generate any necessary certificate. Below is just a few of the available certificates:
  • International tonnage certificate
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • International Load Line Certificate
  • International load line exemption certificate
  • Passenger ship safety certificate
  • Cargo loading and unloading plans
  • Ballast water management plan
  • Cargo ship safety certificate
Certificates are generated on the go. Simply answers a few questions in an online form, and your certificate will be sent to your email in a matter of seconds. Get in touch with us today to see it in action!