Full dry-docking traceability from your pocket

Our mobile inspection arm is an extention of our software, with full offline functionality.
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All the features you need

Our mobile app gives you all the features you need right in your pocket, even when you are offline.
Access management
Provide access to both your collegues and external service providers, and manage who sees what. A user will only see the work orders you have assigned them, and will be able to provide updates on those work orders only.
Add new work orders
Whilepreparing for a dry-docking project, have your crew add new work orders directly from the phone, while offline.
Edit work orders
Edit and update work orders from your phone. Add more details, documentation and more.
Provide progress updates
Have users provide progress updates while they are doing the job. Updates are instantly syncronised with the software and viewable for everyone with the right permissions.
View activities as they happen
Each work order has its own list of activities, which are all accessible from your mobile device. This gives you full traceability whereever you are.
Full offline functionality
Don't worry about the internet connection, you can do everything while offline. On your profile page you will see a list of work saved to your device awaiting a connection, and see their status.