Maindeck product update - May

Sasan Mameghani
Co-founder & CEO
Cost management, cost items, standard work orders, new front end, filtering, search and much more!

Cost overview
We just released a separate cost overview page. This is a stand-alone page that aggregates all cost information from work orders into one big overview, so that reading into costs becomes easier.

We also added a proper cost field for each work order. This means that you can add as many different cost lines as you need per work orders. Specify cost type (spare parts, owner's expense, yard cost etc), price type (lump sum, per unit or time based), currency, your own estimates and more, and then see it automatically summarised for the project.

New frontend
We released a new frontend on our web app. This is more than just a prettier interface as it means we now have a 100% React frontend which will in the future offer better offline functionality and support for poor internet connections.

Please keep in mind that our mobile inspection app already has offline functionality.

Standard work orders
Reusing what already works is the key to saving time and to improving for each project. Standard work orders are available under account management, and can easily be updated with more information as you gain more experience through different projects.

These standard work orders are easily accessed without having to leave the work order list that you are working on.

And much, much more
Like always, we have released a bunch of other functionality that are easily left out of big announcements. Listing each and every single one of them would make this email too long to read. So instead, here are some "honorable mentions".

A selection of other released features:

  • Search. We added a search field to allow you to more easily navigate to any specific work order. As you type in the search field, the work order list instantly updates with matching work orders.
  • Filter. A filter has been added so that you can easily filter work orders on status. This comes in addition to the search bar and is intended to make it easier as you are working through hundreds of work orders.
  • Export single work order to Excel. Sometimes you want to export single work orders only. Now you can do this directly through the list view, and the output is an Excel spreadsheet with styling.
  • Drag-n-drop entire work orders. Rearrange or move work orders between work orders by drag-n-drop.

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