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How Maindeck works


Mobile inspection app

The mobile inspection app lets you capture all on-site pictures and comments and have it synched to the web application in real-time (also works offline).


Project preparation

All successful projects start with good project preparations. We give you the tools to reuse standard work, collaborate with colleagues and send the specification to shipyards and suppliers for quotation.

project management

Project management

Get full control of your projects progress and status with a modern project management tool. Everything is in real time, so an inspection added from a mobile inspection app will immediately appear on other devices.


Reporting and closing

Generate both daily reports and the final report, or download all the information and create your own report. If you wish to share only a chart for progress update, then that’s an option too.

Mobile inspection app

Read, update or create work orders all through the mobile app. With the offline functionality you don’t worry about internet connection - the app will automatically synchronise once it detects an internet connection.

The mobile app is available for Android and is in private beta for iOS, and is included for all Maindeck users.

Project preparation


Maindeck gives you all the tools you need to prepare and plan your upcoming project and to avoid all those costly surprises on site.

Utilise our pre-saved text snippets for all the required nitty gritty text, standard work orders to kickstart the specification and our cost section to ensure you’re within the budget limits.

Collaborate with your team in real time and have inspectors add images and comments through our mobile inspection app, and have all equipment and spare parts either specified in Maindeck or synchronised with Maindeck.
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Project management


Gain full control of your project’s progress, cost, incoming and outgoing reports throughout the process.

With tools including a project dashboard, a fully flexible Gantt chart, cost overviews and general project management functionality, you have all you need to successfully manage your project.

With the project being fully synchronised with the mobile inspection app, you can let everyone involved provide images, comments and progress updates directly through their phones.


At Maindeck, we understand that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data is vital to your business, and we take our responsibility to protect it very seriously.

We apply the strictest security measures to our application, infrastructure security and physical servers.

Please contact us to have an in-depth chat about our security measures or visit our Security page to learn more.
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Maindeck’s approach of making the user the centrepiece of their product is unique in our industry.
Jon Helge Ulstein
Wilhelmsen Ship Management