Modern dry-docking management

A project management tool built specifically to help technical ship managers prepare and manage dry-docking projects. Unlock improvements in a way that Excel just can't.

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One complete job list for everything project related

Our easy-to-use specification compiler allows you to create professional project specifications with detailed information on each job. Set up a project in no time by applying job templates, importing from the Planned Maintenance System, and allowing crew and others to add more data via our offline-compatible mobile application.

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Maindeck dock job specification
Yard comparison on Maindeck


Automating the yard
comparison process

Import a yard quotation in one minute and have it automatically populated in a yard comparison matrix along with a quotation health scan showing you potential weaknesses in the provided quotation.

A process that once took several days, can now be executed in just a few minutes.

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Update the project on site

There is no need to leave the vessel just to update a project. You can do it all via your mobile phone while being offline, update jobs with images, comments and progress, add variation orders, cancel jobs and much more, all with our modern mobile application.

These activity updates will automatically update your reports with the latest information.

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Maindeck report generator


Have reports created at the click of a button

Use our report template builder to create and publish intelligent templates which can be generated on any project at any time with the click of a button, updated with all the latest project related information.

With our Digital shelf you can easily add further information to the report. No need to search for notes, images, updates and data overviews, everything is readily available on the Digital shelf to be drag-and-dropped into the report.

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Superpowers during
negotiations and settlement

Import billed and final costs when received from the yard and have them automatically scanned so that you immediately see where you are being overcharged – no manual work required.

When negotiating with the yard, you will have all relevant documentation made available to you directly in the cost overview, including comments, images, historical record, variation orders, and much more - allowing you to successfully avoid being over charged.

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Dry dock budgeting and cost monitoring

The modern mobile app allowing you to work from anywhere

Mobile application
Activity update icon

Provide activity updates

Provide updates on job progress with images, comments and percentage progress directly on site, with or without internet connection.
Edit work orders icon

Update specification

Add or edit jobs to the specification. Allow the crew to add their own job suggestions or additional information on existing jobs.
Cancel work orders icon

Cancel jobs

Cancel jobs directly from the palm of your hand.
Variation orders icon

Add variation orders

As things change during your project you simply add variation orders.
Offlince functionality icon

Full offline functionality

Our app has complete and full offline functionality. No limitations. The app will synchronise on its own once it detects a connection.
Access management icon

Access management

Give access to anyone of your choosing on the jobs you select for them, helping you offload work while increasing available documentation.


Connect Maindeck to any system

Maindeck works as a brick that you can place on top of your existing stack of software for a seamless integration. No need for double entry of data.

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Maindeck integration illustration

Maximise visibility with a single source of truth for your dry-docking projects

With Maindeck, setting up a new project specification is quick and easy by simply reusing earlier work. During the yard stay, it allows us to easily track and update projects while making sure we don't miss anything. The reporting is also made much easier with the report templates automatically including necessary data. Comparing Maindeck to other software, it's both much easier to use and simultaneously better at tracking the small details.

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