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Access all project information from wherever you are. From plans and specifications to task lists, documents, and photos, Maindeck is your single source of truth.

Rich feature set

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Mobile inspection app

The mobile inspection app lets you capture all on-site pictures and comments and have it synched to the web application in real-time (also works offline).


Instant report sharing

Generate both daily reports and the final report, or download all the information and create your own report. If you wish to share only a chart for progress update, then that’s an option too.


Gantt charts

The gantt chart lets you have full control of each tasks progress, and easily update the timeline directly inside the chart.


Project dashboards

Your project dashboards shows your project data in real time, and you can easily choose to share only specific graphs with stakeholders.

project management

Cost overviews

The cost overview lets you have full control of all costs, including budget, estimates and actual costs.


Standard work orders

Standard work orders are managed centrally across the entire company and can be inserted into any project with just a few clicks.


Open work orders

Any task that is not connected to a specific project is found other open work orders. For instance, if you decide to not include a task during a project, simply move it to open work orders and handle it later.



Standalone applications add little value, so this is included for all our customers. Our team makes sure your different data sources are connected with Maindeck.


Text snippets

Having to write preambles and conditions from scratch for every project is a waste of time. Instead, you can save text snippets and quickly add them from a sidebar when needed.


Ship document center

All ship related documents such as GA and dock plan are stored and managed centrally together with ship particulars, and are included automatically when you export your project.


Real-time data

Everything is in real time, so an inspection added from a mobile inspection app will immediately appear on other devices.


Roles and permissions

You are in control of who sees what. Give read, edit or admin rights to either parts of the software or the entire account.


Personnel management

Manage the project’s internal and external personnel, give or remove access with just one click.




At Maindeck, we understand that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data is vital to your business, and we take our responsibility to protect it very seriously. Please read our Security page to learn more.