Maindeck assisting Sea-Watch with their repair and maintenance work

Contract news

Maindeck and Sea-Watch enters into an agreement so that Sea-Watch can benefit from Maindeck's powerful repair and maintenance software.

Sea-Watch grew out of an initiative of volunteers in 2014 who could not stand on the sidelines witnessing people dying in the Mediterranean Sea any longer.They have dedicated themselves to sea rescue and believe no one deserves to die at the external borders of the European Union, seeking a safe and more humane life.

"We decided to work together with Sea-Watch simply because it's the right thing to do. They are saving people from drowning, so we felt it's our duty to try and help them. With two vessels that require continuous repair and maintenance, we were happy to hear that we could be of assistance by providing them with proper tools for managing these projects." says Maindeck's CEO, Sasan Mameghani.