Maindeck product update - November 2019

Product updates

Teams, bookmarks, assigning responsibility on work orders and real-time view of collaborators. Below is a list of the key releases we have made through October.

Improved vessel cards with direct links to its various projects

The vessel cards now contain more information. In addition to direct links to its various projects, you can also see the vessel's team directly on the card.

Define teams and improve collaboration

Define teams for your vessels. Include crew, the superintendent and anyone else who work together on the vessel's projects. Defining teams will, among many other things, allow you to quickly assign responsibilities within a project.

Assign a person responsible for each work order

Assign someone as responsible for a work order. This will allow each person to have a more personalised work order list which in turn increases efficiency. You can assign several people to the same work order.

In addition, you can filter the work order list based on who's responsible for each work order. For instance, if you only want to see the work orders you will be working on yourself, then just filter the list on yourself and suddenly the list becomes much more manageable.

See who is currently working on the same project in real time

While you are working on a project, you can see who else is working on the same project in real time. Anyone else who is currently working on the same project will appear on the top of the page, illustrated in an avatar.

Bookmark progress updates

With the ability to bookmark progress updates and variation orders, you and your team can mark updates that are of higher importance so that you can more easily locate them at a later stage - for instance, when sending out a report.

Improved interface for progress updates

We have improved the interface across several pages, implementing a similar card view for both the progress updates and the variation orders, regardless of the page it is viewed on. This will make it easier for users navigating across the different pages on our platform.