Maindeck product updates - August 2019

Product updates

Upgraded cost management, improved export functionality and a separate page for managing owner's supply.

Owner's supply

Owner's supply is now on its own page. Add spare parts and other owner's supply with all necessary information, including PO number and status. Connect owner's supplies to work orders and utilise built-in logic which will tell you if any information is missing, or if a spare part will be delivered too late for the work order to start on time. It's all designed to help you stay in control of every aspect of the project.

Also, Maindeck's API design allows for easy integration with your procurement system.

Improved cost management

We have consolidated much of the cost information to make it much easier to understand by the user. All quote-specific cost information is added to the respective shipyard and contained there until and if the shipyard is selected. If selected, the information will be transferred to the next stage, and if not, the information is stored for your reference in future projects.

Exporting selected work orders

Until now you have had the options to either export an entire dry-docking project or single work orders. With this improvement, you can now choose to select only certain work orders to be exported to PDF. You can select as many work orders as you want, and this is done directly from within the work order list.

Images included in PDF-exports

When exporting, whether it be a single work order, a selection of work orders or an entire project, images are now included in the PDF export as well. You will still be able to get all images and attachments in necessary ZIP-files, but with this improvement, all necessary information about the work order will be visible on the PDF.

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