Maindeck product updates - June 2019

Product updates

Price comparison matrix, cloning and archiving projects, a new and improved ship particulars page, improved performance and much more!

Price comparison matrix

Import your quotes received from shipyards and compare them in our automatically populated matrix. When you select a shipyard, the project management module is populated with the agreed upon details from the selected yard making sure you have all necessary information during the dry-docking.

New ship particulars page

We have released an improved ship particulars page - now with more than 200 data fields per vessel. We have also included a read-only view for users who don't have permission to edit. This way you ensure that you have all necessary information required in your dry-docking software for a successful project.

Cloning and projects

By cloning an entire project you will have all work orders copied to your new project, with the option to also include attachments, images and more. You can also clone archived projects - saving you lots of time.

Archiving projects

By archiving a project you remove it from the "Projects overview" on the side navigation and make it accessible only through an own page called Archived projects. This is especially practical if have many dry-docking projects and want to keep your project list clean and tidy.

Improved performance

We have significantly improved the performance in the work order list. This means working in the work order list is now faster than ever - like a dry-docking software should be.

And much, much more

Like always, we have released a bunch of other functionality that are easily left out of big announcements. Listing each and every single one of them would make this email too long to read. So instead, here are some "honorable mentions".

A selection of other released features:

  • Subtasks. Add as many subtasks as needed to each work order. Add descriptions and when completed, mark them as done.
  • New statuses for the planning stage. As the process of successfully planning a project involves different steps than when it's in the process of executing the project, we have updated the statuses in the planning stage to reflect the actual process.
  • New support page. A new support page, including an in-app widget. This is integrated with our app using a single-sign-on (SSO), so for content that's exclusively for our customers there is no need to register or login - it's all automatic.

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