Maindeck product updates - October 2019

Product updates

Daily reports, variation orders, upgraded mobile inspection app and an upgraded Gantt chart. Below is a list of the key releases we made through September.

Variation orders

You can now add variation orders (also known as change orders) to the project during the execution phase. There are two ways to add variation orders, (1) editing an existing work order or (2) adding a new work order that was not a part of the originally agreed upon scope. Values (start date, finish date and cost) that have been changed due to variation orders are highlighted, and you can easily see the originally planned value.

As usual, it's possible to see/track all variation orders belonging to a specific work order in the sidebar and for the entire project in the "Activity updates" tab.

Receive progress updates and send daily reports

Receive progress updates from contractors, crew and others for work orders you have assigned them. The updates are flowing directly from the mobile inspection app and helps you keep track of every development of the project without having to ask for, or actively collect, information. These updates are then easily included in the reports. With the right permissions, you can also add or edit updates directly in the web app.

Lots of new features to the mobile inspection app

We just updated the mobile app so that you can also send progress updates during the execution phase of the project. Attach multiple images, comments and use the progress slider to set the progress. Access to work orders in the inspection app is assigned through the report settings in the web app, meaning you can give crew, external contractors and others the rights to provide progress updates on specific work orders. When you assign someone access to a set of work orders, that person will only be able to see and be able to provide updates on those specific work orders.

Updated Gantt chart, now much more interactive

We have now released a new and improved Gantt chart, with more functionality - such as each "bar" is also functioning as a progress bar.