MF Shipping Group selects Maindeck for their entire fleet

Contract news

We are happy to announce that MF Shipping Group has decided to roll out Maindeck for all their maintenance and repair projects across their fleet.  

The decision comes after MF Shipping Group ran a successful Proof of Concept (POC/trial) on Maindeck.

MF Shipping Group organizes and facilitates every possible aspect of ship management. They partly own and manage a fleet of 54 vessels. Oil product/chemical tankers, RoRo, Ropax, multipurpose vessels, self-unloaders, and cement carriers. The company was incorporated in 1994 and currently employs approximately 1250 seafarers and 71 office staff employees. Their office is located in Farmsum (Delfzijl) on the northeast coast of the Netherlands.  

Ellen Brugma, Technical Superintendent at MF Shipping Group says that they are very excited to get started with Maindeck after the successful trial: “Being able to use my phone to add updates and variation orders is a huge plus. Adding images and progress becomes a fun part of my job as I’m walking around and inspecting various work, and when I get back to the office I don’t have a backlog of things to add, everything is already taken care of.”

“On prior projects I have had to spend about an hour each day writing the daily report, and I’ve never really been satisfied with the result. With Maindeck, I was able to produce and share high-quality reports in less than five minutes.”

"MF Shipping Group is a professional, service-focused company and we are very proud to have them roll out Maindeck across their fleet. We have been in close contact for some time as they have been evaluating and comparing Maindeck. They have had a pretty impressive system in place from before, so to have them switch to Maindeck is an important seal of approval for us." says Maindeck's CEO, Sasan Mameghani.

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