PIL Singapore signs fleet-wide contract with Maindeck

Contract news

PIL Singapore has signed a five-year contract to roll out Maindeck across their fleet to manage all future dry-docking projects.#nbsp;#nbsp;

Pacific International Lines (PIL), the largest carrier in Southeast Asia, owns and operates a fleet of around 100 container and multi-purpose vessels, serving over 500 locations in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Maindeck is a project management tool built specifically to help technical ship managers prepare and manage dry-docking projects and unlock improvements in a way that Excel just can’t. Maindeck stands out by providing the most modern and user-friendly solution on the market, while at the same time being the most technically advanced software.#nbsp;

PIL Singapore will implement Maindeck as their dry-docking management tool, and will utilise Maindeck to easily establish project specifications, compare yard quotations, update project progress, track costs and generate reports to stakeholders. On top of this, they will make use of Maindeck’s API documentation to build seamless integrations with their other tools, such as their PMS and procurement software. Maindeck will be placed on top of their existing software allowing information to flow between them effortlessly.#nbsp;

Ngiam Kiah Kwang, Fleet PMS Manager, at PIL Singapore is very excited about implementing Maindeck: “Our Technical Superintendents are very excited to get started with Maindeck. For some time we have wanted to improve the way dry-dockings are prepared and executed, so we evaluated various software applications and found what we were looking for in Maindeck. It gives our Superintendents the tools to minimize budget overruns and delays, plus great reports and insights, while requiring less effort. The user friendliness and offline capability of their mobile app is also a huge plus.

Maindeck’s API portal allows us to integrate with other in-house applications, eliminating double entry and risk of errors by allowing selected information to flow between applications.”#nbsp;

By utilising the Maindeck API, Maindeck’s customers are able to integrate all their data with any other solutions as they prefer themselves. This allows customers to easily integrate with any other software they might be using, eliminating the risk of having users needing to add the same information more than once. And with Maindeck also being a SaaS which doesn’t require any installation, it’s in every sense a plug-and-play solution.

"We are delighted to be working together with PIL Singapore. PIL Singapore is a forward-looking company, continuously improving and staying one step ahead in everything they do. With this in mind, we are absolutely thrilled to have been selected by PIL Singapore and look forward to be working with them." says Maindeck's CEO, Sasan Mameghani.

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