Reviewing the biggest releases in 2021

Product updates

2021 has been a big year for Maindeck. We have grown in every way possible. The number of vessels and users on Maindeck is higher than ever and the corresponding number of projects have increased as well.

The reason we are seeing this growth is because more and more companies are realising the potential of our product, and how it can help them manage their fleet in a more cost-efficient way. In this article we will be looking back at some of the biggest releases we made this past year.

Intelligent reports and the report builder

With our powerful and intelligent report template builder, your company can build its own templates and publish them across the company. By applying our intelligent variables, you create report templates which are able to apply a wide range of data automatically, making them completely ready for sharing at just the press of a button. Relevant activity updates with images, variation orders, weather information on site, updated cost information and much more, it's all included automatically by applying the power of our intelligent variables to your templates.

Our template builder follows a "what you see is what you get" principle, making it easy for you to create amazing reports that will amaze any stakeholder.

New and improved work order page

Work orders are now visible under the different groups they belong to. The work orders and corresponding groups are listed in a menu to the left, while the right side of the screen displays the content of the different work orders you select. This update includes a wide range of smaller improvements as well, making navigating a project scope much easier and faster. On average, this new and improved page has saved more than one hundred clicks per project.

Maindeck Integration Hub

We are the only company in the vessel repair and maintenance segment offering an open API where our customers are free to build their own integrations and interfaces. With our long list of endpoints, there's simply no limit to what you can do. Integrating your PMS, procurement and finance system are obvious first steps. But you can take it farther, and integrate with MS Teams, PowerBI or even any in-house built software your company might have. With the Maindeck Integration Hub it's all possible.#nbsp;

Yard comparison report

Whenever you are at the stage that you have decided on which yard candidate you want to select and need to send a summary report to management for approval, you are only one click away from the first draft of that report. This report can, like all our other reports, be shared via email directly from within Maindeck.

The Document centre

With our new and improved document centre, you see all project related files and images collected in one place. It functions a bit like your project's dropbox, where you can also upload files directly.

And much, much more

As always, you can follow all our updates live on our What's new page.