USC Barnkrug signs fleet-wide contract

Contract news

USC Barnkrug has entered into an agreement to implement Maindeck across its fleet. This comes after successfully completing two test projects.

USC Barnkrug has been managing feeder ships under the umbrella of the USC Group since 2005. Their core business areas include the technical support of feeder ships, crewing and more, and they offer complete or partial services for partner shipping companies in addition to their own ships. They manage a total of 26 vessels.

Olaf Elfers, Technical Superintendent at USC Barnkrug says that they are very impressed by Maindeck. "With Maindeck, setting up a new project specification is quick and easy by simply reusing earlier work. During the yard stay, it allows us to easily track and update projects while making sure we don't miss anything. The reporting is also made much easier with the report templates automatically including necessary data. Comparing Maindeck to other software, it's both much easier to use and simultaneously better at tracking the small details."

"We are very happy to see USC Barnkrug implement Maindeck across their fleet. It's just another proof point of the value Maindeck#nbsp;provides to ship management companies." says Maindeck's CEO, Sasan Mameghani.

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