USC Barnkrug signs up for a Proof of Concept with Maindeck

Contract news

SC Barnkrug has entered into an agreement to test Maindeck on two of their upcoming dry-docking projects.

USC Barnkrug has been managing feeder ships under the umbrella of the USC Group since 2005. Their core business areas include the technical support of feeder ships, crewing and more, and they offer complete or partial services for partner shipping companies in addition to their own ships. They manage a total of 26 vessels.

Jens Moje, Managing Partner at USC Barnkrug says that they are looking forward to start using Maindeck. "We will benchmark Maindeck to our existing system, and I am absolutely convinced that we will experience a significantly improved dry-docking process helping everybody involved to track costs, progress updates, daily reports and much more. What Maindeck has shown us so far has left us very impressed and is by far the best solution we have seen."

"We are very proud to have USC Barnkrug onboard. They needed a solution up and running within just days, which luckily isn't a problem for us. As a company they think and act together and their company maxim, "Sailing ahead together" says a lot about who they are. Needless to say, this makes them a great fit for Maindeck and we are very excited to be working together with them." says Maindeck's CEO, Sasan Mameghani.